Book II: Cerintha and the Dreamer of Dreams

Part I: Gordium

Shadows of the Past
Humati and Kusatara
Meeting the Queen
Dreams and Memories
The Plan is Executed
The Fallout
Gordium Will Burn
The Fall of Phrygia
Throwdown in the Throne Room
History Repeats
Flames and Anger
Shadows of the Future

Part II: Travellers in an Antique Land

Tomb Raiders
The Curse of Dreadful-ness

Part III: Nea Roma

The Oracle
Meeting the Imperatrix
The Forseeable Past
A Looming Threat
Cerintha's Constantinople Adventure
Various Interruptions
Primeval Sorcery
Nighttime Rendezvous
Barbarian Meets Oracle
Resting on Her Laurels
Diplomatic Relations
Prophecy of Doom
The Ways of the World
The Merda Hits the Fan
Back Against the Wall
Apate's Last Stand
Cerintha Bound

Part IV: Thanatos Bound

Begin the Endgame
Humati Bound
Barbarian Meets Librarian
The Mediocre Escape
Chemical Warfare
Stories My Mother Told
She's Gone
The Final Oracle of Byzantion
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Oops! Deja Vu!

Part V: Hattusa

Travelling the Ashes