Book I: Cerintha and the End of the World

Part I: The Superweapon

Barbarians at the Gates
Hemlock, the Sky Relic and Hellebore
Confrontation at the Village
Dreams For What is Lost
Larkspur Meets Hellebore, Hemlock Meets Discordia
Larkspur and Hellebore Meet Hemlock
The Inn Keeper
Discordia Alone and Cerintha Interrupted
Discordia vs Hemlock; Larkspur and Cerintha vs Hellebore
Factum Est
Dulcem Et Decorum Est Pro Matria Mori

Part II: Flagellum Dei

The Soothsayer
A Dream and a Forbidden Name
Impending Doom
Barbarians at the Gates (Literally)
Power is Awesome
Carthago Delenda Est
Calling Cloak Guy Out
A Visigoth Sorceress?
Hellebore's Interrogation
Vae, Vae, Vae
Heavenfall Explained
The Cult of Atropa
Puny, Doomed Maggots
Time For War
Sic Infit
Battle of the Mincius
Deus Ex Fulgur
Onward to Roma
The Fellowship of Death
The Fall of Rome
Begin the End
Cerintha vs Honey
Hell, Heaven and Earth
Angitia Revealed

Part III: The Herald

Old Friends
Angitia's Vengeance
The Sky Relic Awakens
His Final Stand
Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies
The Apparitions
In Your Face
To Conquer or to Die
The End of the World
Acta Est Fabula
Nitimur in Vetitum