Cerintha loves the Empire. She loves its culture, its history, its power, prestige and excess. Unfortunately for her, she was born a barbarian in the restless times of the Empire's dying years. She may not be an Imperial citizen, but she can dream...while sleeping through her sentry duty.


A captain in a barbarian army with a great sense of loyalty to his people, Larkspur nonetheless finds his ideals in an uneasy place between ethnic pride and misanthropic cynicism. He believes in the nobility of his people, he really does...until he has to deal with layabout subordinates like Cerintha.


Gifblaar is the most popular character in the comic.


She is the human superweapon, a sorceress with power so terrible that the wrath of Heaven itself is bent to her will. An obedient tool of the Empire, the implementation of Discordia's power has spearheaded much of the effort to restore old Imperial glory.


Hemlock the sorceress wanders the land, manipulating events in pursuit of undisclosed objectives. What is this "Sky Relic", and how does it factor into her plans? She is not telling, because she is a sneaky bastard.


Can there be any fate more magnificent than dying gloriously? To Hellebore, there most certainly is not. In fact, she wants her former comrade-in-arms, Cerintha, to know the glory of falling in battle for herself. To this end, she hunts Cerintha with merciless zeal. How thoughtful!

Fraus and Pallor

Seizing power by means of a bloody coup, Fraus, Pallor and Angitia formed a triumvirate with a singular aim: to restore Roma's might in a world of ascendant barbarism. Although the triumverate ended with Angitia's assassination, Fraus and Pallor continue to pursue their goals with uncompromising perseverance.

Empress of the Eastern Hordes

The most notorious barbarian to ever live, her name alone strikes fear into the hearts of mortals. According to some, she is a scourge sent by God to end the world...or at least Roma. Discordia's power keeps her at bay for now.

The Cult of Atropa

Little is known of the Atropans. Indeed, their mere existence remains a matter of fierce debate. Rumours paint a grisly picture of a death cult dedicated to the annihilation of all life. The Imperial pariah, Angitia, advocated war against the Atropans prior to her assassination.


A sensitive young sorceress being trained in the use of her gift by her mother. The extent of her power is far from prodigious, but in an age when few sorceresses are born, it may yet prove significant.


Kusatara's stern mother, and an advisor to the Phrygian throne. She takes particular interest in the sorcerous arts, scouring the land in search of whatever documentation survived the collapse of sorcery's Golden Age. There are few to none who can match her expertise in this esoteric field of study.

The Queen of Phrygia

A phlegmatic ruler, though she takes her responsibilities seriously. Recently, her domain has come under threat from a barbarian invasion.

She Who Wields the Blade of Ashur

The leader of the aforementioned barbarian invasion. She wields an archaic ceremonial sword, stolen from an Assyrian temple. The blade is possessed of a dormant sorcery; thusly, she is endowed with the right of leadership in the eyes of her people...a right she intends to utilise in pursuit of plunder.

Apate and Phrike

Apate is a rather untrustworthy woman. Her manner of speech incorporates way too many hyphens. Phrike, for her part, doesn't say much at all.


Adeona is the last remaining member of a much-diminished lineage known as the Oracles of Byzantion. The rise of a new state religion saw her order fall out of favour and her temple into disrepair. She seeks to restore the prestige of her foremothers by demonstrating the importance of prophecy to the masses.

Flavia Febris Augusta

For someone serving as the imperatrix (empress) of the vast and prosperous eastern empire, Febris seems pretty laid-back. Her subjects seem willing to indulge her eccentricities, however. Well, mostly...

Eunomia and Nane

Tribunus Eunomia commands the elite imperial guards, the Scholae Palatinae. Her piety and sword skills are renowned throughout the east. Nane is her self-appointed lickspittle.